We established the Institute for Building Resilience through Trauma-Informed Practices to serve as a leading 资源 and advocate for trauma-informed practices. 

火博体育已经成为这个领域的领导者, 在过去的十年里,火博体育创造并完善了火博体育的课程, 在这之前还没有这样的学位. 火博体育推出了专门的一年制硕士学位和证书课程, plus we've incorporated this important work into the curriculum across other degree programs. 


We know that trauma is undiagnosed, under-treated, and overrepresented and its impact is pervasive. Our dedicated institute on campus champions the use of trauma-informed practices and helps individuals build resilience.

超过三分之二的儿童在16岁之前经历过创伤. samhsa

火博体育希望影响无数的问题, 比如系统性种族主义, 积极和人道的执法, 经济权益, 刑事司法, 教育的机会, 以及对人类尊严和相互尊重的肯定.


自1854年成立以来,社会公正一直是火博体育的核心使命. 重点是通过创伤知情实践建立复原力, 火博体育渴望在教育方面产生社会公正的影响, 跨组织, 在火博体育的社区里.


"This institute champions the use of trauma-informed practices and equips individuals and 组织 to build resilience through their work in the world."

"We are excited to support this innovative new institute because it is addressing root causes of racism and racial inequality. We see tremendous potential for 哥伦比亚大学 and this Institute to train teachers and 卫生保健 professionals to build resilience in our children through trauma-informed practices."


We named Alston Wilkes Society a Trauma-Informed Practices (TIP) Agency for their extensive training and strategic plan dedicated to incorporating TIP in key areas of the organization. 



火博体育将成为全国的倡导者, 资源, and model for applying trauma-informed practices to build resilience and thereby improve the quality of life for tens of millions of people who have experienced trauma.

With the support of a Social Justice Fund grant from Colonial Life and its parent company Unum, 火博体育官网建立了I-BRTIP,以关注以下目标.

  • 提供严格的研究生课程
    Offer relevant and rigorous graduate degree and certificate programs in building resilience through trauma-informed practices for 教育工作者, 社会工作者, 以及刑事司法, 卫生保健, 人力资源专业人士. 
  • 融入本科课程
    将创伤知识实践纳入本科教育课程, 社会工作, 刑事司法, 护理, 卫生保健, 业务, 还有艺术. 
  • 提供继续教育
    Provide conferences, webinars, symposia, and blogs on trauma-informed practices to build resilience. 
  • 为机构提供培训
    与企业分享知识和教训, 行业, 卫生保健, 还有来自学校的非营利组织, 服务机构, 以及对教堂的执法, 艺术团体, 倡导团体. 
  • 促进研究 
    Conduct and publish related research and innovative ideas about the practical application and advocacy of building resilience by establishing the 创伤知情实践季刊.
  • 透过日常运作树立榜样
    Become a national model for trauma-informed practices that build resilience for transforming academic and student affairs programming at colleges and universities across the country. 
  • 服务社区作为中心资源
    倡导和服务学校, 组织, 以及与火博体育的创新使命相一致的社区, 社会正义, 服务, 以及从创伤的角度来看待领导力.  

I-BRTIP endorses the Substance Abuse and Mental 健康 Services Administration (SAMHSA) definition for trauma: Individual trauma results from an event, 一系列事件, or set of circumstances that is experienced by an individual as 物理ly or 情感ly harmful or life threatening and that has lasting adverse effects on the individual’s functioning and mental, 物理, 社会, 情感, 或者精神上的幸福.  

I-BRTIP也赞同SAMHSA关于创伤知情方法的概念, 这是基于四个假设和六个关键原则. 四个假设:一个项目、组织或系统是创伤性的;

  1. 意识到创伤的广泛影响,并了解潜在的康复途径; 
  2. 识别病人创伤的症状和体征, 家庭, 工作人员, 以及其他与系统相关的人; 
  3. responds by fully integrating knowledge about trauma into policies, procedures, and practices, and 
  4. 积极地抵制再创伤. 


  1. 安全
  2. 诚信和透明度
  3. 同伴支持
  4. 合作与互惠
  5. 赋权、发声和选择
  6. 文化、历史和性别问题

(SAMHSA’s Concept of Trauma and Guidance for a Trauma-Informed Approach prepared by SAMHSA’s Trauma and Justice Strategic Initiative of July 2014) 


人类生活中没有一个领域是不受创伤和心理健康影响的. Studies by the National Alliance on Mental 健康 (NAMI) and others confirm that the impact of trauma is a major cause of mental illness and 物理 illness. Likewise, trauma is a root cause for many children in Department of Juvenile Justice facilities.

Medical 从业人员 unknowingly respond to mental health and trauma survivors on a daily basis. 除了一堂课外,医学培训对这两方面的关注都很少. 在高等教育和劳动力中, 创伤的挥之不去的影响成为成功的障碍,甚至更糟, 作为失败的原因. 

心理健康和创伤治疗不足, 诊断不足, 而且在各种弱势群体中都有过高的比例.  LGBTQIA社区, 有色人种, and women all carry an extra heavy burden of risk and occurrence of both mental health conditions and trauma. 当然, they are intertwined and exacerbated by the far-reaching and lifelong effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. 集体, 交集, and the compounding influence of systemic racism and injustice in conjunction with trauma increases the sense of urgency to diagnose and treat trauma and to expand trauma-informed practices. 

We have more detailed research than ever before that trauma alters the development of the brain, leaving people from all of these groups with another risk of 社会 impairment due to developmental lags.  例如,火博体育知道在细胞层面上, 非裔美国女性的实际年龄大约比实际年龄大10岁.  在细胞水平上, they carry the trauma of more than 300 years of racial and economic oppression and discrimination. 


这一持续了几个世纪的问题表现为婴儿和母亲的死亡率较高, 以及有色人种男性和女性的预期寿命较低.  This also means there are members of society who cannot live up to their highest potential or contribution.  The connection between building resilience through trauma-informed practices and 社会正义 is profound.  

Not only do oppressed groups risk trauma and mental health conditions to a higher degree than others, 但他们的DNA中也带有过去的压迫. 这是一代又一代的事情. 此外, 在2019冠状病毒病期间,创伤的长期影响已经显著增加, 特别是在弱势群体中. 随着疫情的持续, 对BIPOC的影响, LGBTQIA, 生活在贫困中的家庭只会变得更糟. 

These are the issues 哥伦比亚大学 is prepared to address with our Institute for Building Resilience through Trauma-Informed Practices (I-BRTIP) as our unique contribution to advancing 社会正义. 

该研究所的名字以“建设韧性”开头,” reflecting a commitment to a strengths-based approach that draws upon insights from the history of resilience, 在体制压迫下的文化财富, 以及儿童积极思考等实践, 创造一个支持性的学校环境, 在学校和家庭之间建立牢固的关系, 加入同侪小组, 与邻居和亲戚建立良好的关系, 以及基于优势的策略,如家庭文化和传统, 感情, 积极开放的沟通, 日常工作, 定义边界, 明确的期望. 

保存日期- 2024年3月1日!

学校行为健康峰会——把日期定在2024年3月1日SC学校行为健康峰会 这次为期一天的峰会将有政策领导人参加, 研究人员, 从业人员, 教育工作者, family members and other advocates to review data and qualitative information on the development of School Behavioral 健康 (SBH) in our state to identify strengths, 创新领域, 挑战和克服它们的方法, 朝着更连贯的方向, 扩大和有效的全州方法. 本次峰会由SC学校行为健康协作组主办, 并将包括来自全州各地的领导人. 根据会议建议, a white paper will be developed and disseminated statewide to promote progress in SBH and enhance SC's national leadership.